Turning your MYOB Data into a live CRM

CRM-Map connects to both MYOB cloud-based products, such as AccountRight and Essentials, or local-based such as Premier. CRM-Map turns your data into a powerful organizational CRM. In order to set up the connection between MYOB and CRM-Map, you will need to consider what information you wish to display on your map. These could be customer […]

Adding and Updating Categories and Icons

Editing and Updating Categories and Icons in CRM-Map needs to be performed by an Administrator. Before starting, make sure you have your Icon Image file ready. Keep your image files to less than 0.5 MB. Select Setup, then select Edit Categories. Icons are associated with Categories.   Select Add New Categories. If you wished to edit a category click […]

Administration of Assigning an item to a location

Once an administrator has configured CRM-Map with items associated with categories, it is easy for staff to associate an item to a location. Select edit categories.   Categories will have icons. The detail of setting this up is covered in a separate video.   Allocate a new item by selecting the Add New categories or edit […]