Assigning an Item to a Location

Locations can be assigned items either from the importing function when you select to your core data, or you can add them as you go. The videos will show how you can manually enter an item to a location. To Begin with, find the desired location and select view details.   In the view details, […]

Click and communicate with CRM-Map

CRM-Map supports you to make smarter management, sales and prospecting decisions. In the following example, 2 Custom Fields have been added.  Phone and Email.  In custom fields, you can choose to have more than one type of field. You can use them to communicate with your contacts quickly and easily.   Here is an example of a contact edit screen, […]

CRM-Map and IOS Devices

CRM-Map has been designed to work on a range of devices. If you have an iPhone/iPad, Click on the share icon.   From the menu select Add to Home Screen, you may need to scroll past the first few items.   Confirm or Edit the shortcut name. Then click Add.   You should now have the shortcut […]