CRM-Map And Android Devices

CRM-Map has been designed to work on a range of devices.   Once you are on the login screen and have entered your user name and password, select the user menu at the top Right hand side of your screen, and select Add to Home Screen.   The Shortcut should now be on the home screen […]

CRM-Map and Multi Story Buildings

  Google maps does not register floors or room numbers.  It only registers what we refer to as Geo Locations.  These are worked out for you automatically as we import your data. In this example, we have 2 icons with different status colours for 2 different businesses, but at the same location.  One is in Yellow and […]

Data Flow Diagram For CRM-Map

The data flow in CRM-Map allows a great deal of flexibility in the way the application can be used. These are the main areas that your data will be able to populate. Each of these areas, you will be able to alter the terminology seen by your users.  For example you may not call contacts, […]