Filtering Embedded Maps

If you want to filter the information in the Embededed map, there are two opions. On Page Load Calling CRMMap.ready will stop the default inital CRMMap.updatePins(); call. This allows you add filters or set other settins before the Embeded Map is displayed. For Example, to filter everything by the custom field `property-owner-id` to ‘JOHND1’. Note […]

Embedded Map Forms – Popup

Overview Custom forms is an advanced feature that allows you to customise the information and styling of a popup after clicking on a pin. You can create many variations of a custom form and select which one you like. Custom forms uses HTML and CSS for styling and layouts with the addition to Twig, an […]

API Access Setup

To use or connect to the CRM-Map API you will first need to create a API Key to attach to all your API requests. API Keys have the same access as an Administrator level user. Be careful who you give them to. They can be revoked at any time. To use the CRM-Map’s API, someĀ general […]