How to Run Multiple Companies under One Email Address

In CRM-Map, it is possible for one email address to have access to more than one CRM-Map company.   In this example, we can see that the user has access to three companies. Access the CRM-Map Company simply by selecting the desired company. A single user may hold a different level for each company.   […]

Where Can I Change My Company Name?

  On the right side of the CRM-Map Location Screen, Select Setup, Select Setup Company.    Enter new company name in Company Name field, then press Save Changes.        

Icon Creation Suggestions for Best User Experience

The administrator can help your users to achieve the best possible experience with CRM-Map. Your users will be using a Google Maps interface. The main method they will have to see their customers on the map and the status of these customers will be by using icons. It is important for visibility that you use […]