MYOB Supplier Cards & CRM-Map

In MYOB you will have your Supplier entered as Customer Cards.  Some may be companies and others private. In CRM-Map you can import your Supplier Cards into our Contacts Table. The Contacts Tables allow you to alter the terminology  and add the extra fields including the Custom Fields that you wish to use. We have videos on how you can import and how to personalize CRM-Map to […]

MYOB Sales – excluding Item Sales

If you consider MYOB to be your Main Data storage area, and that all sales are kept in the MYOB Sales area, then currently if you wish to add/edit or even delete, you need to be a licensed user and as such you need to have the ability to utilize these features. In CRM-Map you […]

Turning your MYOB Data into a live CRM

CRM-Map connects to both MYOB cloud-based products, such as AccountRight and Essentials, or local-based such as Premier. CRM-Map turns your data into a powerful organizational CRM. In order to set up the connection between MYOB and CRM-Map, you will need to consider what information you wish to display on your map. These could be customer […]