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How to Turn on Location Settings

When using an internet browser like Chrome, sometimes a little popup will appear to ask if that site you are visiting can track your location.  By force of habit most of us block this ability. However, Accede Maps requires this function to be turned on if you wish to be loaded in the correct area […]

Getting Started with Zapier

This Article will guide you through setting up a link with Accede Maps and Zapier which can then used to link your map with over 3,000 other products available on Zapier. This link can be used for several different functions including automatically creating new pins or generating emails. If you are unsure whether Zapier is […]

Getting Started with Accede Maps

Welcome to Accede Maps, This article covers the basics of setting up your map as well as add data to it. To begin it is important to understand that Accede Maps is designed to be very open and flexible so as to fit into any companies unique setup. As a result the system require a […]