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Getting Started with Accede Maps

Welcome to Accede Maps, This article covers the basics of setting up your map as well as add data to it. To begin it is important to understand that Accede Maps is designed to be very open and flexible so as to fit into any companies unique setup. As a result the system require a […]

Embedded Map Forms – Popup

Overview Custom forms is an advanced feature that allows you to customise the information and styling of a popup after clicking on a pin. You can create many variations of a custom form and select which one you like. Custom forms uses HTML and CSS for styling and layouts with the addition to Twig, an […]

Turning your MYOB Data into a live CRM

CRM-Map connects to both MYOB cloud-based products, such as AccountRight and Essentials, or local-based such as Premier. CRM-Map turns your data into a powerful organizational CRM. In order to set up the connection between MYOB and CRM-Map, you will need to consider what information you wish to display on your map. These could be customer […]