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Embedded Map Forms – Popup

Overview Custom forms is an advanced feature that allows you to customise the information and styling of a popup after clicking on a pin. You can create many variations of a custom form and select which one you like. Custom forms uses HTML and CSS for styling and layouts with the addition to Twig, an […]

Turning your MYOB Data into a live CRM

CRM-Map connects to both MYOB cloud-based products, such as AccountRight and Essentials, or local-based such as Premier. CRM-Map turns your data into a powerful organizational CRM. In order to set up the connection between MYOB and CRM-Map, you will need to consider what information you wish to display on your map. These could be customer […]

Use CRM-Map to sell more

There are many ways the Mapping features of CRM-Map can dynamically increase your sales. This diagram shows how your sales information can be stored and transferred with CRM-Map.   When you or your team are in the field. CRM-Map will allow you to instantly check your clients records such as past history of sales, quotes, […]